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What is the 2FA ?

Google Authenticator Two Factor Authentication
Google Authenticator is a mobile security application based on two-factor authentication (2FA) that helps to verify user identities before granting them access to websites and services. Two-factor authentication makes it less likely that an intruder can masquerade as an authorized user. Authentication factors are categories of credentials used to verify that someone or something is who or what they are declared to be. There are three categories: Knowledge factors are credentials that the user knows, typically a user name and password; possession factors are things that the user has, typically a mobile phone; and inherence factors are things that the user is, typically a biometric characteristic such as a fingerprint or an iris pattern.

How does 2FA work?

Authenticator works for any site or service that has enabled two-factor authentication. Like most web-based 2FA applications, the system combines knowledge and possession features. To access websites or web-based services, the user types in his normal username and password and then enters a one-time passcode (OTP) that was delivered to his device, triggered by the login. That combination verifies that the same person entering login data on the site is in possession of the device to which the Google Authenticator app was downloaded.

Text Tools

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The text information input by this tool can be saved locally. Only the latest input content can be saved. Clicking the Clear Content button will also clear the locally stored data. The data entered in the editor will not be uploaded to the server, so please feel free to use it. At present, only the [FB Account Detection] supports batch operation. When inputting multiple lines of data for detection, you need to wait patiently for a while. All functions are free of charge
FB account detection: batch detection needs to ensure that each line has an ID number. Currently, only Facebook IDs starting with 100XXX are supported.

Currency Converter

CNY RMB【China ¥】

After entering the data, click the current input box to update the exchange rate data. Exchange rate data updated on

TWD NT【Taiwan, China NT$】
HKD HKD【Hong Kong, China HK$】
RUB RUB【Russia ₽】
INR Rupee【India ₹】
VND VND【Vietnam ₫】
JPY Yen【Japan ¥】
EUR Euro【Europe €】
SGD SGD【Singapore S$】
GBP Pound【England £】
ARS Peso【Argentina $】
PHP Peso【Philippines ₱】
KRW KRW【South Korea ₩】
TRY Lira【Türkiye ₺】
AUD AUD【Australia A$】
CHF Franc【Switzerland Fr】
THB Thai baht【Thailand ฿】
IDR Rupiah【Indonesia Rp】
CAD Cad【Canada C$】
PKR Rupee【Pakistan ₨】

Exchange Rate Instrument Guide

The exchange rate data is updated every hour. Only the currency exchange rate data of popular countries is provided. The conversion results are for reference only. Click the currency code to copy the results, and click the input box to select all. If the exchange rate data is displayed as NaN Or forEmpty,Please refresh the page.

World Real Time

Los Angeles, USA UTC-7
Mexico City, Mexico UTC-5
New York, USA UTC-4
Bahia, Brazil UTC-3
Ghana Kumasi UTC-0
London, UK UTC+1
France Paris UTC+2
Moscow, Russia UTC+3
Dubai, Arabia UTC+4
New Delhi, India UTC+5:30
Hanoi, Vietnam UTC+7
Shanghai China UTC+8
Tokyo, Japan UTC+9
Sydney, Australia UTC+10

About World Time

At present, automatic update of time is not supported, just refresh the page. The function of automatically updating time and map display will be added later.

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Update Log

August 8, 2022
1、[Text processing] Add Base64 encoding and decoding
2、[Exchange Rate Conversion] Limit API interface access
3、[World Time] automatically updates the time
4、[E-commerce information] Data collection in progress